Why come work with us? 

When you work for Ultra you’re part of a dynamic, growing organization. You work with smart people who take accountability seriously. You get all the benefits you expect and deserve, including training and opportunities for advancement. You’ll enjoy an environment where each individual is valued and provided with the tools for success.

Because it’s a small company, everyone is important in a meaningful way. Staff members at all levels say that they like knowing that their work has a direct impact on the success of the organization. In any job, you make a contribution – but at Ultra, your work has a bigger impact on the company as a whole – it’s a greater responsibility but also very rewarding. Ultra employees say that they like the sense of pride and ownership in helping the business expand and grow.

It’s an environment that is flexible. All ideas are welcome and everyone can have an opinion and feel open to share it. Making positive changes or trying new things can happen faster in this smaller, more nimble environment. Have an idea? Share it with the CEO over a cup of coffee – he listens.

The people at Ultra genuinely like each other – they work hard but also have fun – humor is considered an ally of work, not an enemy. Getting together to celebrate our successes throughout the year and rewarding everyone for a job well done is part of the culture at Ultra.

Our Culture

We are committed to the recruitment, training, development and retention of employees who thrive on turning challenges into success. We are a flat organization with all levels of management accessible and approachable by all employees. We encourage communication and frank feedback.

Our Core Values:

Specialization: We are specialists serving retail brokers who need niche expertise in the healthcare industry. Because of our specialization, we have a deeper knowledge to offer in solving problems specific to professional liability, malpractice and proactive risk management. We discipline ourselves to avoid general distractions.

Accountability: Ultra has cultivated a culture of accountability, defined as “clear commitments – that in the eyes of others – have been kept.” Team members strive to express clear expectations to each other and follow through by honoring commitments.

Integrity: When a building has integrity, it has a strong foundation and solid structure. The same goes for a company. Ultra has the guiding principles and processes in place to give it integrity. It’s an environment that is open and transparent which fosters a strong sense of teamwork and cooperation. We do the “right thing” even if no one is watching.

Ultra is a business-casual operation. We put on our suits when it’s time to meet a customer, but otherwise aim for comfort, productivity, and collegiality. Our focus is on growth, because growth creates new opportunities within the company to accommodate personal goals and positive change for all Ultra employees. If you’re looking for a place where you can put your passion and talents to work and help take our company to the next level, take a look at Ultra.

Being active in our local communities is also important to us. Click Here to view examples of our team giving back.

Compensation & Benefits


  • Competitive Salary and Wages
  • Growth Incentives
  • Regular Performance Reviews
  • Merit Increases and Promotions
  • Flexible Work Hours
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Educational Assistance
  • Parking or Commute Assistance
  • Company-provided Cell Phones

Opportunities at Ultra

Ultra Risk Advisors (Ultra) is an equal opportunity employer. We believe in creating an environment where each individual is valued and provided with opportunities for success. Ultra offers several challenging career paths in healthcare sales & service. In addition, these production units are supported by operations that include: Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, Marketing, Product Development and Underwriting, and Compliance.