August 23, 2011
By: Gordon Vaughan

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Even the most conscientious correctional healthcare client may find themselves slapped with a civil rights violation or deliberate indifference claim. What matters most are their risk management practices, the coverage they secure prior to the claim, and the steps they take immediately after the claim is filed.

Join NSU Healthcare for a free webinar that walks you through what your clients should do when they are presented with a claim or suit, and a discussion of how to best mitigate the damages.

Presenter: Gordon L. Vaughan. Mr. Vaughan is a principal with the law offices of Vaughan and Demuro, based in Colorado Springs, CO. His experience includes the litigation and trial of general tort claims and claims of constitutional violations brought against public entities and their employees in such areas as police, corrections (including system wide claims regarding conditions of confinement), and claims against private correctional facilities.

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