National Specialty Underwriters (NSU) opened its doors in 1995. In 2012, the Healthcare Division of NSU became Ultra Risk Advisors (Ultra). Ultra is a commercial insurance program administrator and specialty wholesaler based in Bellevue, Washington serving independent retail agents and brokers. They specialize in liability, malpractice and proactive risk management for the healthcare industry.

Why do brokers prefer doing business with Ultra? Specialization means a deeper knowledge of an industry and that can be a valuable resource for the brokers they serve. Their sales and service staff specialize exclusively in specific segments of healthcare so they know their clients’ needs and the best available solutions. Many clients choose Ultra because they offer exclusive programs with broad coverage, high limits, low rates, and stable pricing and our volume buying power offers broad market access. Also for added value, Ultra has partnered with OmniSure Consulting Group to offer a comprehensive risk management program to help reduce risk and prevent law suits. All of these features combined with a commitment to “wow” their customers with exceptional customer service, make Ultra a very attractive partner for retail brokers.

“We understand that brokers don’t have to work with us – they choose to work with us.” said Chris Randall, CEO and President of Ultra.  “They choose us because they know their clients are getting the best coverage available, and we’re going to make their lives so much easier.  That’s why our retention rates are so high.”

Specialization in specific healthcare segments

Ultra is kicking into high gear, expanding into niche programs:

  • Ultra Health Express for outpatient medical facilities.
  • Ultra Imaging for radiology groups and imaging facilities.
  • Ultra Correctional Health for health care professionals in the correctional field.
  • Ultra Physicians for placement of excess and surplus lines.
  • Ultra Risk Management for loss control, reduction and mitigation tools.

Ultra Health Express

Their newest program is for smaller healthcare accounts – defined as $50,000 or less in premium. The program includes coverage for outpatient medical facilities such as ambulatory surgery centers and other healthcare sectors including home healthcare agencies. “We thought about what kind of program would make a difference to our customers” said Michele Tran, Ultra production underwriter for Health Express, “and we’re excited about what we came up with – a very efficient workflow system for faster turnaround, coverage your clients need and low prices they want. We really feel like it’s the total package and will offer solutions for these types of accounts.”

Ultra Correctional Healthcare – the first program of its kind

“We did our homework, even visiting jails in Maricopa and Cook counties.” says Ben Newman, Ultra Vice President.  “These providers face unique challenges that require specific coverage.  We recognized these facilities were in need of these specialized resources, so we partnered with carriers and risk managers who specialize in correctional healthcare.”  According to Newman, “Ours is the first program of its kind and we’re endorsed by the Academy of Correctional Health Professionals.”

Ultra Imaging

But they haven’t stopped there. Ultra successfully launched a program for radiology and medical imaging facilities.  “Here’s an area growing so fast and has such a broad spectrum of specialized risks” Newman says.  Ultra set out to do what it does best, identify the specific risks, select carriers who can provide the finest coverage and partner with industry leaders to create the most comprehensive program available to radiology groups.

It’s not just about coverage

It’s more than just coverage that keeps Ultra brokers coming back time and again.  Ultra has long prided itself on outstanding service and underwriting expertise, but this year it has upped its game in the education arena. Says Randall, “We want our brokers to see us as a resource, not just an insurance provider.”  In February, they launched a new blog featuring news and advice for people in the healthcare industry ( They also continue to emphasize their partnership with the risk management leader OmniSure Consulting Group.  “We offer a comprehensive package that will precisely meet the unique needs of your clients and we also continually help businesses avoid risks and that improves everyone’s bottom line” says Randall, “by going the extra mile, we make our brokers look good.”

Specialists delivering ultra superior service

Dealing with complex risk and liability issues every day has profound effects on corporate bottom lines. While Ultra Risk Advisors is their new name, the same dedicated people strive to provide the fastest, friendliest, most accurate service that brokers depended on from NSU Healthcare.

Ultra understands that, but they also want their brokers to know that they aren’t just good at what they do, they can have fun too.  The whole staff got involved in a light-hearted video “The Top 10 Reasons to do Business with NSU.” View the “Top 10” and all of the NSU videos as

Ultra Risk Advisors (formerly NSU Healthcare) headquarters are based in Bellevue, Washington with two branch offices located in Chicago and Atlanta. It’s a closely held corporation. Learn more at