June 7, 2011
By: Matthew Rappelye

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Your client lost touch with the radiologist who treated the patient. After all, he retired two years ago. Today, this patient is claiming that he failed to diagnose a breast tumor that has spread to her lymph nodes. Your imaging center has claims-made coverage which will protect the center. But what about the radiologist? Is he covered?

NSU Healthcare invites you to learn more about “automatic tail coverage”, an insurance option that can help you manage future claims today.

Our webinar features Matthew Rappelye of Stevens & Lee, a legal expert specializing in health law, insurance coverage and bad faith litigation. The discussion focuses on the importance of seamless tail coverage as well as the different types of coverage available and how they work. He addresses the handling and reporting of incidents, potential claims and tail claims and the considerations you need to be aware of with respect to tail coverage for these events.