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5 Reasons Your Healthcare Client Should Have Cyber Liability Insurance

Imagine this nightmare scenario – you’re a retail insurance broker who specializes in healthcare and one of your clients calls in a panic to say that there has been a data breach in their six-office dermatology practice – a thumb drive was lost or stolen and it contained personal information for 2,200 patients. They’re coming  Continue Reading »

5 Tips for Handling the Media in a Healthcare Crisis

While ready to take on the life and death challenges of their patients, many medical facilities and healthcare providers are ill prepared to deal with a potential onslaught of media during or following a crisis. From media coverage to reputation management to possible litigation, a public relations and media management plan is the best way  Continue Reading »

Managing the Media in Healthcare Crisis Situations.

This is the fourth entry in a series of blog posts covering all aspects of managing the media during a healthcare crisis. Being prepared to handle the media during a crisis is an essential aspect of successful management. In this series we have covered: The initial response and disaster planning. Crisis communications. Selecting and training  Continue Reading »