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5 Questions to Ask About your Cyber Security Insurance to Reduce Losses After a Cyber Attack

Cyber security placed first in a list of emerging casualty risks among insurance buyers according to a survey of 135 insurance professionals conducted by London-based specialty lines broker RKH Specialty. 70 percent of respondents put cyber risk in the top spot. According to a Best’s News Service Article* about the survey, healthcare and retailers have  Continue Reading »

Common Claim Types in Correctional Facilities

In my last post I discussed the different types of facilities and what this means to the healthcare providers in a correctional facility. Now I want to dig a little deeper into the claims for a correctional facility.  I am often asked “What is the primary claim type that pays in correctional healthcare?” And most people  Continue Reading »

Meaningful Use for Radiologists.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 had wide sweeping implications, a number for healthcare.  The act often referred to as “the Stimulus” had three immediate goals: create and save jobs, spur economic activity, and foster unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency in recovery spending. The act authorizes the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid  Continue Reading »